2CQR Ireland offer a comprehensive range of services which can assist your library in implementing the latest in RFID and digital library technology.


We have over ten years experience in the library equipment sector in Ireland. Over this time we have gained a vast knowledge in RFID technology solutions. We have expertise in sales, installations and maintenance and often you can avail of this resource for free. Furthermore, we have partnerships with Gobal leaders in Library solutions such as PV-Supa, 2CQR ltd. and Hublet and we can call on this support as required.


Our company have been involved in the maintenance of library equipment, and in particular RFID equipment, since early 2008. Our customers include, Wexford Libraries, Fingal Libraries, South Dublin Libraries, Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown Libraries and Kildare Libraries. The range of equipment maintained includes; Open Library Solutions, RFID self service terminals, RFID security gates, staff pads and Book Sorters.

Open Library

Our experience in Open libraries in Ireland is second to none, as we were involved in the Pilot project in Offaly and Sligo. We are fully accredited to the Private Security Authority (PSA) standards which ensures that all compliance matters are in order. It is an offence for a library to engage a company which is not accredited to this organisation.


The RFID solution requires each library item to have a RFID transponder or tag affixed to it. This involves a simple process where a self adhesive tag is placed on the library item and then programmed with the information from the item barcode.

After consulting with the library management a schedule is put in place to ensure all items are tagged before the self service equipment is installed. Our team have experience in the tagging of over 50 libraries in Ireland and offer a flexible solution during normal working hours with minimum disruption. Each project is carefully monitored to ensure that it is running to schedule and all projects to date have finished within the time allowed.