Libretto Automated Materials Handling System (AMHS)


  • Fast sorting
  • Very quiet
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic sorting furniture
  • Fully modular design

The Libretto Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) is a fully modular system, suitable for all kinds and sizes of libraries, with a minimum of one sorting position extending up to a maximum of 255.

The Libretto AMHS is of modular construction, each module being responsible for a specific function in the AMHS. This enables the AMHS to be customised to fit the needs of any library and makes installing the system in a library easy, even where there are existing facilities. Similarly, the modular structure makes extending and reconfigured the system later, simple.

To satisfy a libraries specific logistical needs and workplace ergonomics there are several materials handling add-ons.

Libretto software

Libretto software is in use in hundreds of locations across the world. It provides a clear and easy to use interface for patrons to operate the AMHS device. Libretto has an easy and flexible connection to a library system using standard SIP protocol. Libretto has unlimited choices for sorting the returned material, easily adjusted by the library staff.


Libretto can use either the sorting data from a library system or the sorting rules can be based on information returned in SIP messages. Libretto can handle an unlimited amount of sorting categories, with sorting easily adjusted by library staff at any time.

Program options

PV-Messaging is used to distribute information from P.V. Supa’s units to the library staff stations with Message board software, staff mobile phones with text messages or via email. PV-Messaging sends information about situations that require the staff’s attention, or about possible errors in the system allowing the device to be left unattended.



The following video shows the journey of a book through the sorter.