Hublet in Healthcare

Hublet in Healthcare

The Hublet is an easy to use Android Tablet docking station which allows residents to use and return the tablets to the docking station after use. It can be used for entertainment, educational and therapeutic purposes. The Tablets enables residents of different abilities to do more in a variety of ways, such as accessing childhood memories, viewing photos, listening to music on YouTube, drawing, and reading familiar magazines or newspapers. The options are endless.

The Hublet is easily managed by staff and there are considerable time savings with this product as opposed to traditional tablets.  There is a Management portal with allows staff to manage the Hublet’s main features and apps. When the tablet is returned to the docking station, it is automatically recharged and all personal data is cleared down so that it is ready for use by the next client.

Hublet tablets can be treated with a fotonit photocatalytic coating ensuring that surfaces are bacteria and virus free

The Hublet has been used in Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Finland for some time.  Recently, a survey was conducted for Myllypuro seniors during a six-month co-development pilot programme.

Some of the findings are as follows:

Responses from senior residents

  • 80% of respondents found the Hublet Solution is very or fairly useful.
  • The open-ended responses described various benefits, which included, accessing childhood memories, viewing photos, listening to music on YouTube, drawing, and reading familiar magazines.
  • 75% of the residents felt that the Hublet solution improved or helped their quality of life, well or fairly well.
  • The most common use of the Hublet was listening to music, with 30% of respondents listing this as their favourite use. After that playing games was the second most common use. Many other uses included reading magazines and newspapers, and some therapeutic uses.
  • 100% felt that the Hublet is safe and secure to use.


Responses from Staff

  • The benefits of the Hublet Solution for users were felt to be very important, especially for those living in the nursing home, for dementia patients and also for staff.
  • 80% of staff found the Hublet Tablet to be either very useful or quite useful for nursing home residents.
  • Hublet helps the residents become more active and it is versatile as well as easy to use.
  • Nearly 70% of employees found the Hublet solution is easy to use and works well in a nursing home environment.
  • When asked if they would recommend the Hublet to a colleague an average score of 9 out of a maximum of 10 was given.