Supa Patron Counter

The Supa Patron Counter is a battery operated infra-red beam counter with a built-in radio transmitter. The unit consists of two parts; the IR transmitter and the IR receiver. The IR receiver has an integrated 6-digit LCD counter and a radio transmitter for truly wireless installation and operation. The unit can operate up to 3 meters in low power mode and 6 meters in high power mode. The user can select the power mode. The counter can operate in almost any environment without interference from ambient lighting.

The Supa Patron counter is designed for long battery life; the internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery will operate the receiver for up to 3 years in normal operation.

Supa Patron counters can be used as stand-alone counters or they can be integrated in to Supa centralized management system to form an advanced wireless logging counter system. With Supa Centralized Management System People Counter data is saved to a database. This feature allows exporting the data in numerous formats, such as XML, Excel files, PDF or Word documents. Reports can be generated from any computer connected to the database. Reports are generated with SupaReporter software.