RFID Return and Hold Pick Up Shelves

Shelves that include RFID antennas are specially designed for checking in materials and are intended to be placed near to the library’s entrance. Every time a patron returns an item to the shelf, it sends the information directly to the library’s LMS and registers the material as returned.

Returning materials is as simple as just placing the item on the shelf. Anywhere. That’s it. No more queues, no more waiting in line.

For all materials that are returned in the Intelligent shelf, security is automatically switched on. Patrons can browse the shelves and remove items for check out. If a patron attempts to remove returned materials from the library without first checking them out, the alarm at the security gates will be activated.

Movable Intelligent Trolleys with wheels are connected to an info terminal. A simple click mechanism enables you to detach full trolleys and attach an empty one in a split second.

Libraries that move their full trolleys to a ‘just returned’ section, see that over 25 % of all books returned are checked-out on the same day. The materials are instantly available to the customer and this dramatically increases circulation and decreases the workload for library personnel.
There are two different sizes of trolleys; the 3-shelve model holds about 120 items and then 4-shelve model about 160 items.

NEW!  RFID Hold Pick Up shelves

Intelligent Hold Pick Up shelves use proven RFID technology that allow easy holds management. Intelligent holds pickup solution will eliminate the need for hold slips, this will increase privacy for patrons, streamline holds management and reduce workload for library staff.

The use of RFID smart shelves allow staff to place items freely in holds pickup shelves, items are no longer needed to be placed on shelves in alphabetical order or based on dates when an item is available for pickup.
RFID smart shelves will always know position for the each item. The position of the item will be informed to the customer to pick up the correct item without using hold slips.

How patrons use intelligent hold pickup shelves:

  • Show library card and enter PIN-code
  • List of items on hold for the patron will be shown on the user interface. The list will show item information and location for each item in the intelligent holds pickup shelves.
  • List of holds can be printed out to make it easier to pick multiple holds at once.
  • Pick up their hold items from the shelves
  • Check-out items using self-check-out units.