2CQR Ireland is committed to providing libraries in Ireland with technology based solutions to meet their self-service and stock management requirements.

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Hublet is a 2014-established Finnish company which provides a self-service solution for shared-use tablets using a smart docking station. The Hublet solution is in use worldwide, from USA to Australia across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care centres, restaurants, museums and science centres, etc. Hublet is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in the same package; an innovative solution that ensures equal and private access to the digital world for everyone. 


Lyngsoe Systems A/S Library Business Unit has acquired Finnish-based P.V. Supa and its related companies in UK (2CQR) and US (P.V. Supa Inc.) to form a global leader in Library automation.

This is good news for 2CQR Ireland’s customers, because it increases the range of products currently available and also increases the 2nd line and manufacturer support available.  2CQR Ireland has to-date enjoyed the support of both 2CQR Limited in the UK,


January 4th 2021

Now library users can access 2CQR Kiosks with a remote control feature, controlling kiosks with their own smartphone. This way the customer is only touching their own phone and the material they are lending or returning.

  • Functions as a digital library card
  • No hardware needed
  • No maintenance costs
  • No need to download any app
  • Reduces the need for disinfection
  • Prevents Infections

Here’s how it works:

  • The customer scans the QR code with their smartphone
  • A website will open
  • The customer types in their library card number and PIN code
  • The customer can then choose a function on the smart phone
  • The self service unit GUI responds to the selections on the phone
  • The smart phone will function as a self-service remote control

Please contact us on 01-4299462 if you require any further information.

RFID Holds Shelf

The Hold Shelf is a self service hold pickup system that allows the users
to pick up their holds from a smart shelf. The customer scans their card,
and the info column shows the customer where on the shelf the item
they reserved is located and can print a slip with the shelf locations.
In many libraries the holds are the most time-consuming part of
daily routines. The items need to be marked with hold slips and
arranged alphabetically by staff.

Antibacterial Screen protector for your 2CQR Kiosk.

In light of the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, 2CQR Ireland are introducing antibacterial screen protectors which will protect the user from microbial hazards.  In order to ensure that these are fitted correctly we are offering to supply and fit the screen protectors as a bundle.

How this antibacterial technology works:

This technology embeds antibacterial agents on the screen protector´s outer layer, killing the bacteria on your display. These active metal-oxide agents are harmless to the human body but deadly for the bacteria.

Library Systems is now 2CQR Ireland

In January 2019 Library Systems Ireland rebranded as 2CQR Ireland. This followed a period of increased cooperation with 2CQR UK and Spectrum Communications.  We believe that this move benefits all existing customers and provides significantly more resources in both sales and technical support.

2CQR has been operating in Ireland for over ten years and have a considerable customer base in Ireland. Spectrum Communications trading as 2CQR Ireland will now offer both sales and technical support to these customers.