Antibacterial Screen protector for your 2CQR Kiosk.

In light of the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, 2CQR Ireland are introducing antibacterial screen protectors which will protect the user from microbial hazards.  In order to ensure that these are fitted correctly we are offering to supply and fit the screen protectors as a bundle.

How this antibacterial technology works:

This technology embeds antibacterial agents on the screen protector´s outer layer, killing the bacteria on your display. These active metal-oxide agents are harmless to the human body but deadly for the bacteria.

Hublet Update May 2020

The majority of diseases are spread by our hands, which turns devices into a potential cause of spreading infection , especially when used by the public. As Hublet offers shared devices for public use, we realize our responsibility for ensuring users’ safety. Keeping the Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station clean is crucial for us, and Hublet anti-bacterial protective screens make it possible. Anti-bacterial protective screens can be installed on the touchscreens of Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Stations,

Library Systems is now 2CQR Ireland

In January 2019 Library Systems Ireland rebranded as 2CQR Ireland. This followed a period of increased cooperation with 2CQR UK and Spectrum Communications.  We believe that this move benefits all existing customers and provides significantly more resources in both sales and technical support.

2CQR has been operating in Ireland for over ten years and have a considerable customer base in Ireland. Spectrum Communications trading as 2CQR Ireland will now offer both sales and technical support to these customers.