RFID Holds Shelf

The Hold Shelf is a self service hold pickup system that allows the users
to pick up their holds from a smart shelf. The customer scans their card,
and the info column shows the customer where on the shelf the item
they reserved is located and can print a slip with the shelf locations.
In many libraries the holds are the most time-consuming part of
daily routines. The items need to be marked with hold slips and
arranged alphabetically by staff. All of this becomes obsolete with the
hold shelves. The return on investment is easy to calculate by reduced
staff hours and the faster availability of the holds to the patrons.
For the customers, the system is totally anonymous and increases the usability and privacy. This is especially important with GPDR rules. Another benefit is the faster circulation of the holds. In this case, for example, where the items on hold are separated in a shipment, all the staff need to do is place the items on the shelves. The shelf itself will check
the items in and change the status from “In Transit” to “On Hold Shelf” and the LMS sends the notification to the patron. Contact us for more details.